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The Killing of Kennedy

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More Information - Interesting Links

As it is about links with interest, I will not mention those one that only try to sell you a book or a video, so you here can find real useful links. If you have a page and you think it must be listed here, please let me know.

Links to WWW pages

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site This is the page of the famous "Mr-X" of the Oliver Stone movie JFK. It contains many interesting articles and the posibility of subscribing via e-mail.
Ralph Schuster John F. Kennedy Assassination Very complete page of a German guy, specially interesting because here you can find and download all the Warren Commission Report and a lot of the Hearings.
Jerry McLeer's Site Small but interesting site. Not much material but worth the visit.
The Kennedy Assassination John McAdams page , the "lone assassin" defenders sanctuary.
Henry May's Homepage Many many links and many original photos of his trips to Dallas..
The JFK Network Artícles, photos, videos, sounds and also advertisments.
JFK Lancer Is like a big hypermarket about JFK.
Dealey Plaza UK Page of a researchers group from UK.
Dave Perry's JFK Personal page of this researcher.
JFK Resources Online A big compilation of links and resources of JFK on the net.
The JFK Sounds Page Curious page that contains a collection of WAV and Real Audio files about Kennedy. Extreme research.
JFK Assassination -- ATD BBS Clint Bradford rules "Attention To Details", a BBS with a lot of material to download.
JFK Link Homepage of Phil Hopley, from Sidney, Australia. It worth the visit to see his diagrams of the links in the case. He has also articles and material about RFK and MLK.
Citizens for Truth in the Kennedy Assassination CTKA organizes acts, reunions and have a magazine on the assassination.
La morte di JFK An interesting web site from an italian friend, Federico Ferrero.
JFK Watch If you want to be up-to-date of what's going on in the JFK case you just have to pass by this site. It will worth the visit.
More assassination links Collection of interesting links on the JFK assassination provided by Altavista search-engine.

Links a sitios FTP o GOPHER

John McAdams (FTP) A big collection of researching articles to demostrate that there was no conspiracy.
Deanie Richards (Gopher) Huge and extensive database of material about the assassination.

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