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Tippit's Murder


Due to the heavy traffic, Oswald asked to the passengers for a better combination of lines and decided to get off the bus.


Two blocks away front the Greyhound bus station, Lee Harvey Oswald boards a cab. He offers the first free cab to an old lady. Once in the car he asked cab driver William Whaley to drive him to Oak Cliff, to the Beckley and Neely streets crossing, at only five minutes from his apartment.


Oswald arrives at his apartment, where he makes a short stop to change his clothes.


He goes out of his apartment and walks to the bus stop in the north side of Beckley street. His landlady, Earline Roberts, claims that she saw him waiting for the bus at that time.


Dallas' Police has given by the radio a description of the suspect in the Dealey Plaza shooting. This description, given at 13:08 says "All we have is a white male, thirty, slender build, five feet ten, a hundred and sixty-five pounds, armed with a .30 caliber rifle". This description matches with around 25,000 habitants of Dallas, except for the rifle. Anyhow, J.D. Tippit, a Dallas patrolman in the Oak Cliff area stops his car to check a suspicious man that goes walking by the street. As the policeman goes out of his car the man fire him four shots without saying a word. Officer Tippit falls to the ground deadly wounded. 

Tippit was hit by 4 shots at 13:14. Using the car's radio, a citizen contacted the dallas police radio station at 13:16.


A citizen that was passing by the scene, T. F. Bowley, takes the radio of the police car and calls the police dispatcher saying that there is a wounded agent. Many witnesses are with him.


The Dallas Police arrives to the crime scene. Officer Tippit is dead. The witnesses of the shooting give to the police a description of the suspect that the agent trasmit by the radio: "a white male, about thirty, five eight, black hair, slender, wearing a white jacket, a white shirt and dark slacks". The suspect has been seen running in the direction of West Jefferson.


A Police agent in the crime scene says by the radio: "The shells at the scene indicate that the suspect is armed with an automatic .38, rather than a pistol".

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