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In Parkland Hospital


Only 8 minutes after the shooting the limousine arrives at Parkland Hospital. In a hurry President Kennedy and Governor Conally were taken to Trauma Room 1 and 2, and the doctors began their work.


Malcolm Killduff, Assistant Press Secretary to the President, announced to the world that John F. Kennedy. He said that "President Kennedy has been deadly hurt by a fatal shot in the head".The photograph is from that moment, with Kilduff pointing the President wound with his finger over the right temple.

Malcolm Killduff announcing the President is dead by fatal shot in the head.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service agents spent their time cleaning the rest of blood and brain tissue from the limousine, as we can see in this photo. Governor Conally's clothes were also cleaned (taken to the laundry). This destroyed the possibility of studying the stains of blood from it.

Secret Service agent cleaning the blood in the limousine. Many proofs were destroyed.

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