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The Killing of Kennedy

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The Facts

In the 1960's Presidential Elections, the democratic John F. Kennedy had won by a scarce margin and against all presage to the republican Richard M. Nixon.

In the Summer of 1963, the Kennedy administration cabinet began to plan the strategy for the future elections of 1964, in which Kennedy would be presented for reelection.  The polls in the southern states where not favorable, specially in the state of Texas (where in 1960 Kennedy won the election by a tiny margin) they were loosing positions. So at the end of that 63 Summer Kennedy decided to take a trip to Texas with the intention of collect votes and increase his popularity.

As vice-president Lyndon B. Johnson was a Texan and he enjoyed a lot of prestige among their compatriots of the southern state, Kennedy thought that it would be a good strategy that the Texan town saw them together and in person in the streets of its cities.

Also, and for this occasion, Kennedy requested his wife Jacqueline to accompanied him in his trip, not a very frequent thing.

The tour for Texas was planned for the autumn, more concretely it would began November 21 visiting the cities of Houston and San Antonio. The 22nd of November they would move to the south where at first hour they would visit Fort Worth, moving later to Texas where they would have a lunch with some Dallas bussinessmen at around 13:00 in the Dallas Trade Mart.

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