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The Facts - The Shooting in Dealey Plaza


Advancing over Main Street the motorcade arrives to Dealey Plaza. It is 6 minutes late regarding the fixed schedule.

At the corner of Houston and Elm, the limousine has to make a 120 degrees turning, in which it has to slow down it speed considerably. The crowd aclaims the President.

Suddenly, a few moments after turning on Elm Street and when they were passing by the Texas School Book Depository Building the sound of a shot is heard. The Secret Service agents that travel in the follow-up car had no reaction yet.

Few people in dealey Plaza have heard this shot, maybe due to the noise of the crowd and the motors of the cars and motorbikes in the motorcade.

The President stops waving his hands. Another shot is heard and Kennedy brought his hands to his neck. He has been hit by this shot.

Some members of the Secret Service in the follow-up car react to this second shot. We see some of them turning their heads back and to the right in the Altgens photo at around Z-255 (right photo).

In the car behind the limousine some members of the Secret Service reacts to the sound of a shot looking backward.

Conally is wounded. Mrs. Kennedy looks to her husband and seems to not understand what is happening. The Texas Governor John Conally has been also hit. His wife hides him in the back seat of the car.

A few seconds passed. The crowd has silenced. Kennedy lies bowed forward.

Mrs. Kennedy brings her head close to her husband's head without noticing what is happening.

Suddenly, a third shot hits the head of the President, making part of his brain blow away. Mrs. Kennedy reacted jumping to the back of the limousine. The Secret Service agent Clint Hill has been able to reach the back of the car, but it's too late to protect the President. The 3rd shot reached President's head. Mrs. Kennedy jumps to the back of the limousine where a Secret Service agent is reaching it. Too late to protect the President.
There is a big confussion. Some people thrown themselves to the floor. Other people is running to the top of the grassy knoll and the fence where the shots seemed to came from. There is a big confussion. People don't know what is happening. The limousine seems to stop and suddenly speed up toward the triple underpass of the railway to go throught Stemmons Highway directly to Parkland Hospital.

Meanwhile, in Dealey Plaza, some people thrown themselves to the ground while others run to the top of the grassy knoll near the fence to look for the author of the shooting cause they though that the shots came from that location.

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Some of the people that reached the top of the grassy knoll were stopped by men that  identified themselves as members of the Secret Service.


The patrolman Marion Baker, that was riding his motorbike in the motorcade, has parked his bike and runs into the Texas School Book Depository, the building in the intersection of Elm and Houston street. He has seen something suspect in one of the windows of the highest floors. Once in the building he finds the intendant Mr. Truly. Both went upstairs to the second floor where they saw a young man in the lunchroom.  This man is Lee Harvey Oswald, a building employee, who seems to be drinking a coke purchased from the vending machine of the same room.   Baker asked Truly if he knows the man, and Truly told Baker that Oswald worked in the building, so both left Oswald in the second floor and went upstairs.


After passing by the offices of the second floor,  Oswald had no dificulty reaching out of the building. He began to walk east toward Elm street.


The police has sealed the accesses to the Texas School Book Depository.


At 12:40 the police has closed the Texas school Book Depository Building. Lee Harvey Oswald has left it minutes before.


Oswald take a bus in the intersection of Elm and Murphy, seven blocks away of the Texas School Book Depository.

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