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The Killing of Kennedy

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Direct testimony

The Moorman Photo The Mary Moorman polaroid

The more scrutinized photograph can still keep secrets...

The Altgens Photo Altgens photograph

There are many questions raising around this pic.

Zapruder's film The Zapruder film

The one and only document that shows the whole shooting and the fatal head shot.

The victims

John Fitzgeral Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy

The man which they didn't let to change the world.

Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald

The proper victim? The patsy? Or really the lone-nut assassin? In any manner, he was the second victim of those tragic events.

Main characters

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J.D. Tippit: The Dallas Police patrolman killed in the Oak Cliff area after the Dealey shooting.

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Capitan W. Fritz: Dallas Police captain in charge of the initial investigation.

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Jack Ruby: Cabaret bussinessman and Oswald killer.

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Clay Shaw: Director of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans and Permindex. Main character in the Garrison investigation.

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Lyndon B. Johnson: 36º President of the USA.

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David Ferrie: Pilot and mercenery, with intelligence and anti-Castro contacts.

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Jim Garrison: Nueva Orleans attorney whom in 1967 carried out an investigation on a possible conspiracy to murder Kennedy.

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George DeMohrenschild: Aristocratic close friend to Oswald.

El escenario

thdealey.jpg (3791 bytes) Air view of Dealey Plaza thdeale2.jpg (2274 bytes) The Grassy Knoll from the Dallas County Records building.
thvent1.jpg (1789 bytes) "Snipper's Nest" view. Looking toward Houston Street, where the motorcade came from. thvent3.jpg (1868 bytes) "Snipper's Nest" view II. Now looking to the Triple Underpass.
thvent2.jpg (1750 bytes) 6th floor view from the inside of the Texas School Book Depository. thtsbd.jpg (3331 bytes) Exterior view of the TSBD. with indication of the "Snipper's Nest".

The autopsy

Alert: this images can be crude and can offend your sensibility.

Autopsy 1 Autopsy 2 Autopsy 3 Autopsy 4

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