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The Killing of Kennedy

All the books about JFK !


Dallas Police Department audio tapes transcript
Transcription of the radio conversations of the Dallas Police between 12:15 and 14:13 pm. They include the time of the assassination of JFK and Officer Tippit.
Diagrams of the official authopsy
These are the diagrams of the wounds suffered by JFK as were reflected by the doctors Humes, Boswell and Finck in the official authopsy practiced to the President's body in the Naval Hospital of Bethesda.
FBI authopsy report
FBI agents Silbert and O'Neill reflected for the FBI in this form what happened in the authopsy at Bethesda. This report is contrary to the single bulled theory sustained by the Warren Comission, as it claims that the back wound was superficial, so this couldn't be the bulled that also caused the wounds in Conally.
FPCC membership card
The card that credited Oswald as member of the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
Misterious letter to Mr. Hunt
This letter was redacted by Oswald few days before the assassination (8th November). To whom it was written is still a mistery. Many names have raised, including the oil magnate H.L. Hunt, his son, or the CIA agent in charge of the Mexico station E. Howard hunt. This last name, E. Howard Hunt were going to be also involved in the Watergate affair.
Kleins Sporting Goods ad
Ad in which Oswald found the way to buy his Mannlicher-Carcano 6,5 by mail in the name of A. J. Hidell.

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